How do I order sewing pattern printing?

If you’re new to ordering sewing pattern printing online, it can be bewildering! We’ve put a guide to help you below:

1) Count the number of pages in your sewing pattern PDF before placing your order. The document should open in Adobe and show the amount of pages in the file. If you have more than one PDF, ensure that each is labelled with a unique filename.

2) If you have more than one PDF, add the pages together for your final total. This also applies if you need multiple copies of the same PDF. For instance 2 x 2 page documents = 4 pages.

3) Check the size of the PDF (usually A0 or A4). This should be clearly stated on the sewing pattern PDF.

4) Choose the corresponding size on the Sewing Pattern Printing page.

5) Enter the total amount of pages – as in 2) – into the Quantity box.

6) Add to Basket

7) You should see a message reading ‘Item Successfully Added. Go To Basket’. You can either add another product or click ‘Go To Basket’ if your order is complete. At any stage, you can check your cart by clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner next to My Account.

8) There is an opportunity to add any additional instructions relating to your order in the box at the base of the basket/cart screen. It’s worth adding a note here to specify exactly what you need (for instance 2 x copies PDF A, and 1 copy PDF B)

9) Proceed to checkout

10) Create an account. This will securely store your details for shipping and billing.

11) Choose your delivery type, either rolled or folded to A4. You can also add more notes on this screen.

12) Select your payment type and process your payment.

13) Upload your files. You can either browse for your file or drag and drop it into the upload window by holding down the cursor on your mouse.