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Acetate Printing

We are experienced at printing onto standard acetate, lightbox acetate and clear acetate. Our top of the range printer has a mix of 12 different colours, which creates outstanding printing results.  We can print onto standard paper sizes from A4 to A0 and also cater for bespoke sizes (you can find out more about ordering bespoke sizes here). We offer four different types of acetate:

  • Clear acetate which is clear like glass. You need this for cyanotype prints.
  • Standard acetate which is transparent, but has a blue tinge to its appearance (most often used for screenprinting). This is not suitable for cyanotype.
  • Lightbox acetate is clear acetate which has a white front so that you cannot see the mechanics in the box. If you have a lightbox with a white panel in front of the bulbs, you will need clear acetate. If the entire image is printed,you will need standard acetate. Please contact us if you would like advice regarding which acetate to choose.
  • Self-adhesive acetate which has a sticky backing
PLEASE NOTE: white automatically prints as clear and all of our acetates are 120 microns thick. The acetate cannot get wet as it will go very sticky.

Read more about which acetate to choose for your print project here.

We have no minimum order value and aim to despatch the same day if ordered before 12pm, but please bear in mind the clear acetate takes 24 hours to cure/dry, so adds an additional day to your delivery.
Standard Acetate Printing Standard acetate has a blue tinge, but is still transparent and is ideal for screen printing. View Prices & Order
Clear Acetate Printing Clear acetate printing is suited to producing overlays and display materials. This is the best option for cyanotype printing. View Prices & Order
Lightbox Acetate Printing Lightbox acetate is clear acetate which has a white front so that you cannot see the mechanics in the box. (You will require the clear acetate if you have a white panel or the standard if your print is full size and covering the whole page). View Prices & Order
Self Adhesive Acetate Self-adhesive acetate is ideal for sticking to most surfaces and can be used for art projects, window stickers, lightboxes and more. View Prices & Order