How do I order bespoke-sized acetate prints?

We are very happy to produce bespoke-sized acetate prints. This FAQ takes you through the order process.

What will be the cost of ordering bespoke-sized acetate prints?

We work out the costs to the nearest square meter of acetate used and then work it back to the nearest paper size. For example: A0 is equivalent to 1 square metre and A1 is equivalent to 0.5 square metre.

How to order bespoke-sized prints

  1. When ordering a non-standard size acetate print, choose the option Non-Standard Size from the drop-down menu for each product.
  2. Type your size requirements into the Notes box on the shopping basket page.
  3. You can request an estimate in the Notes box at this stage and we will contact you before going ahead.
  4. A price will not be generated at this stage until we have checked your file.
  5. For the above reason, choose the Invoice me option at checkout and do not make a payment, not even for the postage. If you require an estimate, then please include this in the Notes box as per 3). We won’t proceed with your print request or charge you any money until you confirm that we can go ahead.
  6. We will send an invoice as soon as the printing is completed.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss your requirements before placing the order.